Top 5 other fun Escape Rooms for you to try!

Sorry we’re not up and running our own escape room at the moment (We’ll be back, I promise!) but here are some of my favourite rooms which I highly recommend you have a go at.


  1. Titanic The final Hour, Timescape live escape Rooms, Belfast – really good fun – can you solve the room and send a message to get help before the ship sinks? This has some really unique props and a great atmosphere.  A good 8/10
  2. Cabin in the Woods, Incognito Escape Rooms, Dublin was brilliant with quite some unexpected twists to the tale – brilliant fun and the owners Hannah and crew are lovely. Again, a good 8/10
  3. World Trip, Adventure Rooms Dublin – explore the world in 1 hour! Pack your bags and solve the puzzles. Great fun – a good 7/10


4. The Vault at Cheddar Gorge, Somerset was good fun (even though we didn’t get out in the allotted time (We nailed their other room with 15 minutes to spare though!). I’l give the Vault 7/10 and the Caves a well deserved 8/10  Dan and Paul were fantastic Games masters – highly recommended.

5. Wanted, Breakout Chester – SO funny – I got to wear a hat and act like a cowgirl (optional though!) – a few really fun surprises this ranks a good 8/10

PM from our Facebook page for my (honest) opinions on any game (I’ve done a few now 🙂 and if I cant help you then ask me anyway and I’ll find out for you. These are only my opinions – but I’d love to hear your opinions on games you’ve played too.