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Pirates Wanted!

Treasure hunters wanted……..
Inspector's Office a new Escape Room Game in Athlone

Find the Pirates treasure before Blackbeard finds you....!

Pirates Wanted

Hello! Do you want to be a pirate? Well, we are looking for a crew.
A crew of men or women (boys or girls) to sail the seas in search of treasure. Are you brave enough? Do you want to solve mysteries and puzzles and find hidden treasure maps and escape our room. But be quick or Blackbeard will find you ….

Or in pirates speak..

Ahoy! Do ye wants t’ be a pirate? Well, we be lookin’ fer a crew.
A crew o’ scallywags or strumpets (lads or poppets) t’ sail th’ seas in search o’ booty. Are ye brave enough? Do ye wants t’ solve mysteries ‘n puzzles ‘n find hidden booty maps ‘n escape our cabin. But be quick or Blackbeard will find ye …

Crack the codes, solve the puzzles, find the treasure before Blackbeard takes you for his own......

You'll Love this game

You'll Love This

Looking for pirates aged 8 to 98 ….

Another Successful Family plays the game and escapes

If fun and it's mobile!

If you live within a 15 mile radius (approx) of Great Malvern, and have at least a 12’x12′ space to fit a gazebo outside or the equivalent inside, we could be recruiting you as the next pirate…. 

Inspector's Office in Athlone a new Escape Game

You Have One Hour

The game takes an hour but allow time for a briefing before hand and some laughs afterwards

Grab the incriminating evidence before the Inspector returns