Inspector’s Office

Hot on the trail…..


Inspector's Office a new Escape Room Game in Athlone

Grab the Inspector's diary and get out before the Inspector returns!

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Inspector’s Office

The Inspector George Ryan is hot on the heels of a suspected diamond thief, Catriona Smith – otherwise known as “Cat”.

Cat breaks into the Inspector’s Office to check out what he knows about a certain diamond heist in Covent Gardens, London 9 years ago in which she was (allegedly) involved in.

However, she gets interrupted before she can grab his diary and destroy the incriminating evidence. Your task, as Cat’s associate, is to solve the puzzles, crack the codes and grab the Inspector’s diary and escape the room before he returns ….

Minimum age 12, maximum 8 people – set slightly harder than Santa’s List this is definitely intended to be more for the adults. You follow the Inspector’s thoughts and findings of the diamond thief and how he finds out about Cat’s KGB connections……

Crack the codes and grab the Inspector's diary with all the incriminating evidence and get out before the Inspector returns!

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You'll Love this game

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Specially suited to Children from ages 12

Another Successful Family plays the game and escapes

It's a mid level escape game

It’s a good room to start your escape journey

Inspector's Office in Athlone a new Escape Game

You Have One Hour

The game takes an hour but allow time for a briefing before hand and some laughs afterwards

Grab the incriminating evidence before the Inspector returns