What is an escape room?

Well, its the latest in live experiences. You are locked in a room and have one you have one hour to solve the quizzes, puzzles and clues and escape the room!

Am I really locked in?

Well the short answer is YES! However, if you wish to leave the room, press the door bell and we will open the door for you. If you are still not comfortable, then you can play the game with the door open and it won’t detract from the experience.

What if I can’t solve the clues?

Help is always offered and there is a TV screen in each room where we can send in hints or spoilers if you wish. We also have cameras in each room

How do I book?

Use this link Book Now and our secure partner site will do the rest.

Can I pay with Paypal?

Yes you can, and we also accept all debit and credit cards through our website

Eventbrite - Inspector's Office

Preferred date and/or time not showing on the booking system?

Prefer  to pay by cash?

Then call on 086 4081107 or email us on keys@celticescaperooms.com  or PM from Facebook

Lena and Shauna and Niamh and Lucy popped in and had a go at the Lobby Puzzle -all did it around the 2 mins 40 second mark.

Lena and Shauna

Anthony Brady popped in and did the FREE Lobby Puzzle in 44 seconds!

Anthony Brady

But this weeks Group Winners for Santa's List are the Finnerans and guests - 44 minutes but no clues or hints!

Finnerian Family


Athlone Based

Great for Kids of all ages from aged 8


Teams & Groups

We cater for teams of up to 20 persons (Max 10 people per room)

It's Fun - It's Interactive

It's a new fun activity for all and it's here