What is an escape room?

Well, its the latest in live experiences. You are locked in a room and have one you have one hour to solve the quizzes, puzzles and clues and escape the room!

What is a mobile escape room?

The same as a static one except we come to you! You still have to crack the codes, solve the puzzles and escape the room.

I am out of the 15 mile radius. Can I still book?

Yes of course. But we do charge an out of location fee ranging from £10 to £30 depending on your location.

Am I really locked in?

Kinda. Well as much as possible in a tent! You have a “door” with  a lock on it.  However, if you wish to leave the room, move the “door frame” or pick a side panel and leave the gazebo. Each mobile experience is different and unique as set up will vary depending upon the location.

What if I can’t solve the clues?

Help is always offered and you may have unlimited clues. Clues may be in the form of an audio clue from a walkie-talkie or there may even be an “actor” in the room with you to help (or not!!) as they seem fit.  Depending upon location, there may also be a TV screen for your clues and cameras in each room.

Is it just for kids?

Absolutely not! Adults have just as much fun as the kids do and it’s certainly challenging enough for both (but honestly, the adults often need more clues than the kids…!)

How do I book?

At the moment, bookings are taken via email keys@celticescaperooms.com or by calling 07543 161629.
A 50% non-returnable deposit is taken on booking with the balance payable on the day.

Can I pay with Paypal?

Yes of course. Payments can be made via cash, card, cheque, PayPal and direct  bank transfer

Can pregnant ladies play?

Being pregnant is no issue at all – any locks lower to the ground maybe delegated to someone else if bending is an issue, but there are no jump scares or anything that can induce a baby early, and because we are in a gazebo, leaving for the obligatory 10 minute pee intervals is no problem as she can leave via any side panel of the tent.




Please contact us directly either via email, Messenger or phone to chat about location, availability, group numbers etc.


Call Ali on 07543 161629
Email us on keys@celticescaperooms.com  or PM from Facebook @CelticEscapeRooms

Lena and Shauna and Niamh and Lucy popped in and had a go at the Lobby Puzzle -all did it around the 2 mins 40 second mark.

Lena and Shauna

Anthony Brady popped in and did the FREE Lobby Puzzle in 44 seconds!

Anthony Brady

But this weeks Group Winners for Santa's List are the Finnerans and guests - 44 minutes but no clues or hints!

Finnerian Family


Malvern Based

Great for Kids of all ages from aged 8


Teams & Groups

We cater for teams of up to 16 persons in one session and then a 20 minute reset for the next 16. (Max 8 people per room)

It's Fun - It's Interactive

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