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Mission I’m Possible

our latest 10 minute Spy-Themed Room!


STORY: We have 3 super agents, Mark Key, Guy Rope and Gaz Eebow.  These super sleuths each have 3 missions to complete within 10 minutes. They discover that the secret blue prints for a new environmentally friendly super battery have been stolen by the head of a major oil company called “Dirty Joe”, a ruthless unscrupulous man who would do anything  “to remove the competition”.

This tiny  battery is so powerful it can supply enough electricity for  5 major cities for 1 entire year before it bio-degrades and turns into water and salt.  We have had a tip off that the blueprints and the first prototype are currently stashed in a safe in a  Dirty Joe’s office.

Mark, Guy and Gaz and their associates (you) sneak into the tent and their mission is to find the clues, crack the codes, solve the puzzles and find the battery blueprint and the prototype. But hurry, you MUST escape the tent before Dirty Joe comes back in just 10 minutes –  so you must work well together and communicate effectively!

You'll Love this game

You'll Love This

Looking for pirates aged 8 to 98 ….

Another Successful Family plays the game and escapes

If fun and it's mobile!

If you live within a 15 mile radius (approx) of Great Malvern, and have at least a 12’x12′ space to fit a gazebo outside or the equivalent inside, we could be recruiting you as the next pirate…. 

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